Sunday, 9 September 2012

A quick update

I'd like to kick off by saying sorry I've not posted anything recently. In short, there hasn't really been much going on, and what little has been going on, I've not been able to update you on fully as I've just moved house and don't have Internet. I'm sending this from my phone!

Well today I finished mixing a band cover of Teenage Kicks, which Jordan and James laid down bass and drums for while they were in to record Goodnight, Irene and Find My Way home with me.

I haven't got any way of uploading it until next weekend really, but in the mean time I'm going to put it to some behind the scenes video and pictures from that day of recording as well as some others.

The plan is to finish recording in the next week or so and then get mixing!

I'd hate to speculate a release date without being certain but both my heart and head say it'll be within a month.

Anyway, I should have Internet to keep you all updated throughout part 2 of recording and i wish i could get this video up in the mean time. But until I do, take it easy and thanks for the continued support. Feel free to share, tweet and +1 this to save my 3G bill!

In the mean time, Alistair's been writing about this whole process too. Check out his blog posts at

If anyone has any gig opportunities in or around Southampton, please, drop me a line.

Fred xx

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