Sunday, 12 August 2012

It's been a while!

Ask anybody who I've associated with in the past 10 years, I'm shit at keeping in touch. It seems I've been just as bad at keeping active on the internet with regards to this whole project, so I figured I'd write a post to let anybody who's interested what's going on...

As it stands, things have gone a bit quiet on the gig front, which kinda sucks, but also means I've had the chance to lay down some guitar tracks for a couple of my songs. This time next week marks the return of my good friend/producer Alistair to within a bus ride of me, and that's when the real work starts!

All being well, the album will be out within the next 2 months and I'm really looking forward to having something on disk. In the mean time, I'll be constantly blogging/tweeting/facebooking all along the way and now that I've been roped into getting a Google+, we might even look at getting some live streams going on! That is, if I can figure out how the damn thing works...

Either way, watch this space for pictures, videos and general news on the forthcoming release and as usual, I'll be spamming your browser if any gigs come my way!

Thanks everyone

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