Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I never thought I'd say this, but I'm not loving Euro 2012. If England, by some miracle, win the damn thing then I'll take it back, but until then...

Unfortunately, due to pubs (understandably) wanting to show games, my next 2 gigs have, in effect, been cancelled. However, I've been booked to play 2 gigs in their place.

  • The North Stair, Staines show on June 15th has been cancelled and I'll instead be playing the Rising Sun, Reading on the same night. It's another GetGigsEasy show except it's a full showcase for their opening night at the venue, so, more acts for your money! I say money... It's free! Details here.
  • The Woburn Arms, Addlestone show on June 24th has been moved forward a week to June 17th. Same venue. Same line up. Should be a top night. Details here.
I'm delighted to announce that I'll be on the same bill as Roxy Coles and Into Tomorrow again for the Reading show. If you don't come for me, I'd thoroughly recommend coming for them.

Lastly, I'll be debuting a new song at one, if not both of these shows. Details for both shows can be found on the Gigs page.

See you there!

nb - Since this post was written, I won a little bit on an accumulator I placed on Euro 2012 top scorers. It was well spent in Amsterdam, where I went to the morning after my first headline show at the North Star in July. I loved Euro 2012.

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